Búnquers del Carmel

Nuria and Yoann  

Barcelona, Spain.

Its every photographers dream to shoot the perfect people in the perfect location. We always try to push ourselves creatively. We are always scouting and taking mental notes of places we want to photograph. This was no different when we traveled to Barcelona earlier this year. We were introduced to Nuria and Yoann - a recently married couple living in the city. While there, we spent most of our days searching for the perfect place. We traveled the city by foot, turning down every street corner, climbing every hill, and at one point walking almost 15 miles in search of something great. We finally arrived on a remote hill slightly outside of the city. It was quiet, which is a nice break from the typical touristic view points we had found the days prior. Nuria and Yoann met us there - Their excitement matched ours and we spent the following hours making something beautiful. This session is dear to my heart. It just reassures me that no matter what, no matter how hard this job can be sometimes, that hard work pays off. Photography is not only our livelihood, but its our biggest passion. We are so happy to share this session with you.